Formerly Known as Mocc Socks. Read more here.


Mast Steiner started in 2010 under the brand Mocc Socks. It was started because men didn't have an option for no-show socks. Sure, they could steal womens' peds, but they'd rip them through the toe before the day was over. Sure, they could brave the elements and go sockless, but they'd empty a room with a simple shoe removal. So we created a sock to defend against sweat, blisters, and the ridiculing eyes of people who know ankle socks are all but extinct.


Over the past 8 years we have tested hundreds of samples, perfected the fit, the fabric and the colors to bring you the best possible sock out there.


In 2018 we took a closer look at our business and what we wanted to achieve and realized that while we were providing great socks to thousands of men, we were not doing anything else to make the world a better place. Which is why we decided to partner up with a charity in Soweto, South Africa to provide socks to elementary school children in need. You can read more about this partnership here.


We also realized that we were depriving everyone that wasn’t a man (or a woman with large feet) of our socks so we thought ‘Hey, why don’t we make them in a smaller size for women (and men with smaller feet)’. So we got to work and launched our latest sock that fits smaller feet. And guess what, now we have even more people who love wearing our socks!


Eventually, we realized that we could make better casual dress socks that what we’ve seen around, so we launched our new line of crew socks. They are all made from a high quality combed cotton to ensure that they are soft,  durable and look great.


From the beginning of our business we have always focused on making a quality product at an affordable price.



You can wear Mocc Socks with Toms or wear them with Tod's, just don't get caught ridin' dirty.