Formerly Known as Mocc Socks. Read more here.

Transition from Mocc Socks to Mast Steiner

We originally launched Mocc Socks in the summer of 2010. We have revised our product several times to make sure we have the most comfortable fitting socks and attractive designs.

Over the past few years we have learnt more about branding and what it takes to build a household brand for not only the most comfortable socks but also other items in your closet. Fast fashion has exploded over the past few years but people are tired of low quality clothes. It is terrible for the environment and only lasts a few months. 

We have set out to re-define ourselves this year. We want to create quality products that last years, not only month. 

We have transitioned our name from Mocc Socks to Mast Steiner to reflect our change.