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Show Your Style, Not Your Socks

Engineered to provide stealth comfort

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Comfortable & Anti-bacteria

No sweat, no smell. Mast/Steiner socks are made of an ultra-soft cotton blend and enhanced with an anti-bacterial formula. Your feet breathe and don’t sweat and stink.

Style Without Slipping

The no-show design keeps all eyes on your shoes -- not the socks sticking out above them. Unlike other brands, specially engineered silicon stops the socks from annoyingly sliding off your feet when you walk.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

No more paying $20 for a pair of socks. Mast/Steiner socks are shipped straight from the manufacturer to you. On top of that: if you don’t love them, send them back within 30 days.

We Give Back For You

Even today -- not everyone can afford a cozy pair of socks to keep their feet warm. We make sure to donate thousands of socks every year.

Breathable, Durable, No-Slip Design

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Over the past 8 years, thousands have enjoyed our socks. Here is what some have to say.


Best no show socks ever!

These socks are the perfect height and have little rubber dots on the bottom so you don’t slip on tile or wood flooring. So glad I found these socks.

by John Zandstra


Great summer socks!

Socks are exactly what I've been hoping to find for many years. Comfortable, light, yet well-constructed. Perfect for the no sock look.

by Bob Dale


Great product!

Best pair of no shows I've ever worn hands down

by Parag Dadhaniya


Perfect 5 stars!

Socks are very durable and comfortable. They are concealed by even my lowest shoes. Fit hasnt been an issue. Best value socks I've purchased by far, even considering I payed more than I normally would for socks.

by Lach F


Almost a year old and still great!

These stay on better than I imagined was possible. They're thin so they don't provide any cushioning, which is what I wanted and expected as they fit great on any shoes that are designed to be sock-less.

by Dillon J.



Socks fit and feel great. Have lasted over a year with no degradation. Look cool as well. Would highly recommend for low top shoes. Loafers, vans, etc

by Ben Keller


Great no-show socks now even better!

I bought my first pair of mocc socks more than 5 years ago (and still wear them by the way), but the latest iteration with the added rubber grips in the heel really has taken them to a new level. Great socks, now even better.

by Dave B.

No-Show Socks


Imagine No-Show Socks That Don’t Smell, Slip, or Hurt Your Feet

You deserve quality socks that make walking and looking good painless. Mast/Steiner socks have been engineered with these two goals in mind. For over 8 years Mast/Steiner socks have been thousands of customers’ first choice.

Our newest design is packed with improvements to comfort your feet better than ever before. A breathable and almost indestructible cotton mixture lets you avoid stink and sweat.

Patented anti-bacterial yarn gives you the huge benefit of wearing socks for up to three days without them stinking. You won’t have to wash them four times a week or worry about them getting destroyed when you clean them.

It is senseless to buy no-show socks that look good, but can’t even stay on your feet. Our classic silicon grip guarantees Mast/Steiner Socks won’t slip off your foot.

And Remember:

If you buy the socks, and you don’t love them, you can return them within the first 30 days. But we’re pretty sure that won’t happen!

Made with 70%Cotton, 25%Polyester and 5%spandex

Machine wash warm on gentle cycle, do not bleach, tumble dry low, do not dry clean or iron.